27 Fashionable autumn fashion finds that we can’t stop staring at

There is a big corner on the internet dedicated to autumn joys. If you’re active on any social media platform, it’s hard to miss the countless memes and videos celebrating the arrival of hot drinks, crunchy leaves and picking apples. But on the one hand, I would rather live in eternal summer than experience the upcoming descent to low temperatures. Of course, autumn has its bright spots-boots to the thighs and donuts of apple cider are glorious – but still not enough to make me one of those fans of the fall season.

As usual, clothing is always the best motivator for me to embrace a new season, and in a truly editorial way, I’ve already found the pieces I’m dying to explode before the colder weather. Autumn will look a little different for me this year after I moved to the West Coast, so I look forward to enjoying the soft pace with cold pieces of skin and layers of medium weight. I’ve been collecting these findings in my bookmarks folder for too long and I look forward to sharing.

From lavish knits to eccentric boots, I expose all the pieces that currently put me in the autumn mood. There are 27 pieces to choose from, so you are guaranteed to find something you love here as well. If they got me to join Team Fall, you know they have to be good.

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