90% of gas station pumps run dry in the United Kingdom

There are stories of blocked drivers and long queues outside gas stations in the UK as fuel shortages cause people to panic when buying, report from BBC explains.

Up to 90 per cent of UK petrol stations report fuel shortages on 27 September to INews. British Gas (BT) said 30 percent of its 1,200 sites did not have gasoline or diesel, while Shell said it was “low on some brands.”

It is strange that fuel supplies to refineries are abundant, so what makes gas stations dry up? The shortage that people are experiencing is not actually a lack of fuel, but a lack of drivers and a breakdown in the supply chain – British Transport Minister Grant Shaps recently said that “there is no shortage of fuel” and that there is a lot of petrol in the six refineries. in the country and in its 47 warehouses.

Therefore, the shortage of gasoline can be more accurately described as a shortage of driver. The United Kingdom is currently suffering from the effects of a shortage of approximately 100,000 truck drivers who drive fuel from warehouses to petrol stations across the country.

A brief understanding of the petrol shortage in the UK

Several factors have contributed to this shortage of drivers, including Brexit, the pandemic, poor working conditions and an aging workforce. Brexit has forced many European drivers to return home, while the pandemic has caused major delays in the HGV driving tests needed to approve new drivers. According to to the Congress of Trade Unions (TUC), “salaries and conditions” for truck drivers have been “reduced for years”, which means that taking the exam is not a very attractive offer for many – approximately 85,000 truck drivers no longer drive, which suggests they were rejected due to poor conditions.

All of these problems have an uplifting effect, causing UK citizens to panic about buying fuel because they fear it may run out. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has called on the public to stop buying panic and “fill up only when [they] really needs it. “Meanwhile, the UK military may intervene BBC, approximately 150 army tanker drivers are preparing to deliver fuel to gas stations in the coming days.

The shortage of petrol in the United Kingdom comes as a result of another energy crisis that threatens to engulf the world economy. Natural gas prices in Europe are jumped 250 percent since the beginning of the year, forcing the UK’s sixth-largest energy company, Bulb, to seek government help. The problem comes as the UK targets 78 per cent reducing carbon emissions by 2035. Although the shortage of petrol in the United Kingdom should not be confused with the gas crisis in the country – petrol is petrol or gas in the US – the shortage has caused inquiries for electric cars to jumped in recent days, which means that it may have a slight indirect effect on the United Kingdom ‘s ability to achieve its climate goals.

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