Amazon Echo Show 15 A Smart Display to Install on the Wall

Last week, we reported that Amazon could work on a new Echo device it will look like a wall-mounted display. Apparently the rumors were right on the money because the company has since unveiled their new model Echo Show 15, a 15-inch small display designed to be mounted on the wall.

Amazon is no stranger to display art, but this display sits a bit in action like a peg board of sorts, or a sculptural design as you can see from its design. It contrasts with Echo’s other clever features such as speakers with a built -in image.

With the new Echo Show 15, Amazon has unveiled a redesigned widget system that takes advantage of things like family reminders, weather displays, smart home notifications, video camera shutter, photo display, and more. There’s also a new Visual ID system that seems to display content automatically based on who’s in the room.

It sounds interesting, but at the same time it works. The crazy Amazon Echo Show 15 it costs $ 150 and it’s expected to be available for purchase sometime this year, so keep an eye on it if it looks like something you might find useful.

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