Amazon has released Astro, its At-Home Robot

Many of you may know Amazon as an online retailer, but over the years, the company has consolidated its offerings where they sell all sorts of things like e-readers, i- books, homework skills, and more. It now looks like robotics could take Amazon as another venture as they launch Astro, an in -house robot.

While other companies may focus more on robots for commercial or military use, the Astro is a robot designed for the average consumer. A robotized robot with two wheels helps him navigate, and a display that can display a face to make it look more friendly and intimidating.

This is actually the roof of many of Amazon’s remote technology efforts, such as AI, while services, smart home monitoring, and more. Some of the features of Astro include the ability to map the floor of your home, deliver items to household members, play music, answer questions, and since it has an integrated image, it can also because you use it to make videos. .

There is also a mechanical sensor that can be raised or lowered to allow for checking things such as turning off the stove. It’s a really nice piece of equipment and it’s priced at $ 999. Classifying it as a Day 1 device means it means you’ll be a beta test of the brand and you’ll be able to bring Amazon answers to its products. It’s invite-only — if you like, you can try and apply to go up to the program.

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