Amazon Has Taken The Market With Its Own Cheapest

It’s safe to say, Nest has helped harness the heat in the river, and over the years we’ve started to see a lot of competing machines. The latest competitor to Nest has now come in the position of Amazon who have unlocked their own smart card will be a cheaper option.

Priced at $ 60, this is probably one of the cheapest smart thermostats we’ve seen so far. This compares to competition like the Nest which is priced at $ 130, the Ecobee option which is $ 250, and Wyze whose owner is priced at $ 80. But the question is, for $ 60, is what do you get from it?

According to Amazon, this thermostat was developed in conjunction with Resideo, making the Honeywell Home smart home. It will work with many existing 24V HVAC systems and include support for features such as standard Alexa, data reception, as well as remote control so you can control the temperature accordingly. even when you’re not home.

It features a simple display to show the current temperature as well as basic controls to change the mod and adjust the temperature. At 3.5-inches wide, it’s not very special but installing it in your home shouldn’t be an issue. Get it first he is alive now and is expected to begin shipping to customers in November.

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