China Introduces Plan to Control Algorithms Tech Company Uses

Most technologies today rely on algorithms. We can see this in the online media of things from the people we travel with and it is more visible at the top. Now under the impression that since we are interacting with him, we want to see more. And we also look at how algorithms can be used to help show relevant ads while shopping.

All of this is designed in such a way that we spend more time or more money on a platform, but it seems to be something that the Chinese government does not need. Much of what China’s Cyberspace Administration has announced over the next three years is that they want to set administrative rules for algorithms used by technology companies to attract users.

According to the CAC, they say that algorithms developed by these companies should support social value and should also be developed with safety and responsibility in mind. Back in August, the CAC enacted a trial order in which applicants suggested that companies should not use certain types of algorithms to persuade customers to spend too much of their money.

China is not alone when it comes to trying to regulate algorithms. The U.S. and EU governments have also called on technology companies to adapt the algorithms they use to solve the problem of lies.

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