Google Pixel 6 Pro It can cost just like the iPhone

In the past, Google’s Nexus handsets were cheaper, but as we’ve seen with other handheld budgets and brands, over time the price has started to increase as consumers start buying them. It looks like the upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro may affect the price, or at least the news suggests it.

In a photo written by Brandon Lee of This Is Tech Today, he apparently got help from one of his analysts who was suspected of working at a store in Europe. According to the letter, they told him that the Pixel 6 might cost € 649, while the Pixel 6 Pro is priced at € 899. This is very expensive, especially when you consider in fact, the iPhone 13 Mini costs about € 799 on the German website.

We’re not sure how much it will cost when launched in the US since converting from EUR to USD isn’t a direct price tag, but the opportunity isn’t as cheap as some of you might have hoped.

In a way we shouldn’t be surprised that the new Pixel 6 phone will be powered by Google’s Tensor chipset, so we think part of the reason behind the high price is likely to be due to the Google made investments in its development. In any case, there is no guarantee for anything we know may be cheap, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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