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Shoulders: The most important component of the suit and for several reasons. They help to shape the suit: the padded shoulder adds a little weight, the natural shoulder makes things feel super relaxed, and the rope structure adds some extremely formal structure.

Surgical cuffs: Most suits have non-functional buttons on the sleeves. Meanwhile, the surgeon’s cuffs can be opened and closed. Since you are unlikely to have a kidney transplant in your blazer, they mostly mean an extra level of care and attention on the part of the costume designer.

Vents: Flaps on the back bottom of a suit jacket. The central (or single) vents are slightly more sloping, while the side (or double) vents are slightly more elegant.

Where to buy my next suit

Do you have one or two money in the bank and are you ready to go down for a sharp new suit? Here are the labels of reasonable prices at the very top of the tailoring game in 2021. This is by no means an exhaustive list – but here we find ourselves looking for payday. –Jan-I Goch

Polo Ralph Lauren: You need something simple, classic and completely American, you go to Ralph Lauren. This is the rule. Five decades after his run, no one makes a better two-button navy suit or double-breasted charcoal for the price.

J.Crew: Yes, those were a few years of probation for J. Crew. And no, Ludlow is not the best, everyone you know has a costume that was. But if you are in trouble? Did the airline lose your luggage? Pour on yourself at the rehearsal dinner? Visit the mall and leave the answers to all your problems.

Todd Snyder: Todd Snyder has built a modern men’s clothing empire by taking the age-old cornerstones of your wardrobe — T-shirts and sweatpants, vests, and coats — and updating them. from July enough to make you feel unmistakably new now. His costumes follow this formula to the end: they are cut in universally flattering proportions and served in a pleasant seasonal set of tones and patterns. (Not surprisingly, he helped design Ludlow at J.Crew – and had previously worked at Ralph.)

Needles: If your atmosphere trends are more open in the art center than at lunch in the city center, the Japanese eccentrics in Needles specialize in exactly the type of awkward costumes you’re probably looking for: with large lapels joints of points and patchwork Coogi sweater ensembles which are guaranteed to cause excitement in every room you enter.

Sid Mashburn: Honest to Goodness Southern Charm is the name of the game at Sid Mashburn, an Atlanta haberdashery whose elegant, handmade costume feels timeless and downright presidential.

Jacket with a ring: Japanese costumes made in the Neapolitan style: there is a reason for Ring Jacket to become one of the brands for creative types that draw a little inspiration from everywhere.

On Drake: You can’t get to the lake, but you still want to try the prestige of Savile Row? Go to Drake. The flagship store of British upholstery is located on the most praised sewing street, and their beautiful offers from the shelves are made with care and attention to detail worthy of this real estate. And if that’s not enough, know that they have a regular collaboration with Aimé Leon Dore.

Cloth: You may know Stoffa about their tailored pants. Recently, however, the brand has been producing a suitable blazer. Paired together, they are drapery perfection.

Bolioli: When you need a suit that looks exactly like a Vespa after drinking your morning espresso, Boglioli covers you. Their lively soft-shouldered suit is Italian tailoring at its best: crunchy, rough, very beautiful.

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