Heart Search Apple Watch Can Have Many Arrhythmia Types

The Apple Watch has undergone a lot of changes since the first film was released. Over the years, Apple has cleaned up its devices and added new health features, and it seems to have improved as the Apple Watch can be used to observe a wide range of features. arrhythmia.

This is the statement of Apple-Stanford Medicine Apple’s Heart Test which found that using the ECG monitor in the Apple Watch Series 4, it was able to detect a wide variety of arrhythmia types, much more than previously thought.

For those unfamiliar, of cardiac arrhythmia the time your heart beats properly where patients have reported it is the same as their beating heart, whether it beats too fast or too late. Sometimes you may not be able to really feel and may experience other symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath, or fatigue.

While the Apple Watch isn’t intended to be used as a research tool, early warning of people to heart activity can save their lives because it means people are more likely to go in for an early checkup before it’s too late. There are countless stories in the past of how the Apple Watch warns people they have heart problems, saving many lives in the process.

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