How many solar panels do we need to power the whole world?

As the world seeks to find new sources of energy that can be converted to energy as efficiently and cleanly as possible, solar power plants that use different strategies to convert solar energy into energy and electricity are gaining importance faster than ever. . Solar energy is the largest and most reliable source of energy available in the world, and yet we do not take full advantage of it. A typical home may need 20 to 25 solar panels to cover 100 percent of its electricity consumption, but how about the world?

In this brilliantly crafted video from the YouTube channel Corridor crew, you can learn how many solar panels will be needed to power the whole world and how solar energy could be our one-way ticket to a carbon-free future. Although there are problems with materials, toxicity and emissions when it comes to the production of solar technology and lithium-ion batteries, these are engineering problems that can be overcome with determination, money and effort. If you are curious to learn more, watch the video embedded above.

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