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An image from the new book by designer Ronnie Fig, 10 years KIT, stands out as emblematic of his journey. In the photos, Fieg’s childhood friend Joey Coronado, now an adult, sits on a bench outside PS 178 in Queens, wearing Fieg designs: a hooded jacket, brown cargo pants, a knitted hat adorned with the NY Yankees logo, plus a pair of Nike Air Force 1s. “This is my best friend and that’s where we met, where I learned and fell in love with the product,” Fig said in an interview. “It was a real moment for me.”

The final product.

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Beyond personal significance, the photo shows how skillfully Fig figs dug up his own past and his obsession with building his brand and its chain of stores. Nostalgia, aspiration, obsession: These themes are the final lines of the book that Fieg is releasing to mark his first decade in business.

While starting as a boy in a warehouse at his uncle’s shoe store, David Z, in the last few years Fieg has earned a reputation for plays on the track that are similar to the brave man’s theater: the time he put audiences on his show in moving stands, mixing them with various tableaux, including a collaboration with Versace and Tommy Hilfiger, or the time he bathed Cipriani’s ornate interior with a 360-degree immersive video that took audiences to the New York skyline, the Eiffel Tower, or the snow-capped mountain peaks. Why then the sudden turn to the print media? Kovid’s uncertainty, he said, caused some thought: would he even be able to organize his typical mass party? This led to something deeper: “It really made me start thinking about what the show is meant, “he said. Fieg noted that today, even huge media events like the Oscars or the Met Gala require a huge amount of attention, only to disappear as quickly as they came. He was looking for something more permanent.” I started thinking about what to do. to represent the stage and how people should perceive it as something that can be eternal, “he said.” It’s the biggest thing for me. “

Bobby Cannavale.

Courtesy of Kith

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