The 19 best makeup bags of 2021 that are so chic

To say that I have a lot makeup would be an understatement. Working in the beauty industry for a little over three years, I tried tons of products and gained a lot. It actually took me so long to organize everything. I started with containers for products I still can’t use, but I was puzzled to come up with a plan for organizing the products I like to use often.

I was thinking about small plastic containers, but that would still make me hunt for products every day. So as an alternative I went with three different options: a great makeup organizer; medium cosmetic bag with separate compartments to fit items like mine sunscreen, primer and adjusting spray; and then a small bag that I can put in any handbag or packed package. (This kept me from losing and searching lip gloss and lipstick.)

Based on my own experience, I have compiled a list of 20 of the best makeup bags for everything from one night to organizing an extensive library of cosmetics.

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