The 7 types of dresses to buy in 2021

I have to admit that I’m still getting used to the idea of ​​getting dressed again. As a freelancer working from my home office, I always tend to reach for my sweat, and when I do leave the house, I shattered into pieces with easy carrying. That said, I haven’t been buying anything but dresses lately. There is only something in wearing a cute dress that makes you feel completely assembled with minimal effort.

Although there are many new trends in dressing to get excited this fall, there are also a few basic styles that everyone should own. These silhouettes are considered eternal and go beyond the cycle of trends, gaining a permanent place in everyone wardrobe with capsules.

Next I have collected the seven types of dresses that are hard to find in the wardrobe of any cool girl. From mini to maxi,, body-con to the A-line, your guide to autumn basic dresses awaits you.

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