This Will Be A Very Bad Time To Waste Your MacBook Pro Charger

Another computer can break down over time, especially if you work too much outdoors and take it with you as you go. Alternatively, you can also make the mistake of forgetting to pull it down when you go home. That said, if you’re using Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro, you might want to look into adding your charger.

This is because for whatever reason, Apple’s 96W USB-C designed for the MacBook Pro is no longer shared and according to Apple’s website, customers are likely to wait 2-3 months before it arrived. As noted by MacRumors, in Japan the shortage is said to have started in early August, and so it seems to have affected other countries around the world.

It’s not sure why, but the world may have played a role in the delay. Otherwise, there are rumors that Apple is launching the MacBook Pros in the new month and some have said that we could see the return of MagSafe, so maybe Apple is clearing the list of contents.

You can always use other charger components but they are often not recommended, so unless we know what’s behind the delay, you may want to take a closer look at that charger because it may be hard to replace. another month.

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