What is it like to eat and drink in space?

In a way, it’s not so bad with packages of pizza, puddings and burritos.

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Naturally, various questions arise when it comes to a place to eat and drink. So what is it like to eat in microgravity? Well, we can say that it is definitely different from what is here on Earth. Contrary to what you would expect, astronauts actually eat ordinary food that we eat in one day; they get pizzas, puddings, honey, spinach, burritos and more. However, there are some criteria that must be met before food can enter the spacecraft.

They come as compact as possible, as spaceships are not very spacious to fit any material and many people. Another is that space missions can last for months, and so can food. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield explains thisfor example, a package of tortillas can last 18 months without spoiling.

Food also doesn’t taste exactly like Earth due to microgravity, so astronauts are trying to season it with liquid salt and pepper. Forms of liquid or paste are quite common to prevent small grains or particles from flying into the spacecraft.

It can all seem like torturing the crew on board with so many details to watch out for, but don’t worry, they’re actually eating healthily and enjoying their missions as they dive deep into space.

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