Why doesn’t James Bond use an iPhone

no time for The Approaching us, dozens of James Bond fanatics are eager to see the spy use ingenious gadgets to save the day. But is he actually using the best technology to get the job done? We don’t think so. Polaroid laser camera anyone?

Before we get into what competent spies should use in real life, let’s look at what bond He’s due to practice on his last, long overdue outing. Thanks to the cinematic closure of the epidemic, the film It will feature Nokia 3310, Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 8.3 5G. The release dates for these phones came in 2000, September 2019 and October 2020 respectively.

Even if we look beyond the unlikely union of Britain’s fictional spy and Nokia, a brand that captured just 0.7 percent of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of last year, old cellphones are hardly a cutting edge technology that beats the bad guys — and that’s probably not quite a good thing.

James Hadley, CEO and Founder Immersive Labs—Cyber ​​security training and skills platform – The UK Government Communications Headquarters previously had this to say about Bond’s mobile options at an inopportune time: “If Bond is handed an old Android phone, it should check that Q has updated the operating system to prevent vulnerabilities new in programs.

However, Hadley sees the advantages of old phones, but they are not practical for the modern spy. “There are some people who believe that using ‘dumb phones’ – earlier smartphones that are less dependent on software – makes them more secure,” he says. “However, this obviously would limit Bond’s ability to use even the most basic of Internet applications.” “

So, for these older phones, it’s about setting them up to make them less vulnerable. As Hadley says, the cross-fingered Q is smart when it comes to modern security threats and not just deadly ballpoint pens. Jake Moore, Cyber ​​Security Expert at Internet Security Company ESET And a former police officer, explains: “Old devices usually come with more security threats, but if the device is properly set up with limited user control and custom tweaks, the anti-tracking and monitoring system will balance out the old operating system and other flaws.”

What if Bond was using cutting edge technology then, the latest? Well, we know from Daniel Craig’s co-manager, Rian Johnson Take out the knivesJames Bond would be free to use the iPhone if a deal was struck. The director revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair Apple is preventing movie villains from using its latest and greatest hardware.

However, the Iphone It wouldn’t be a good choice for 007. “Untraceable phones with anti-surveillance, interception, and location spoofing functions are essential to James Bond. No matter how formatted it is, the iPhone, no matter how formatted it, won’t be able to offer this ability to ensure that tracking isn’t an option,” Moore says. iPhone is impressive enough for the average user, but with Threats like Pegasus Periodically, it makes it difficult for a spy to use one of them safely and confidently.”

winged horse It is part of NSO (an Israeli technology company) spyware affecting the iPhone that can transcribe messages, record calls and even access the camera. Apple responded by release patches To fix bugs that Pegasus is believed to have exploited.

“There is no doubt that the Pegasus spyware would be used by adversaries to target James Bond if he were an iPhone user,” Moore says. “While an iPhone might be fine for taking pictures of explosions and car chases, any downloading of embassy plots or covert incursions should be done on a closed terminal operated by a dedicated team, within a secure network,” Hadley says.

However, there is also more to Pegasus, with modern “explosive” spyware Report Consider more concerns about security experts iOSNoting that Apple’s closed ecosystem approach limits its ability to use monitoring tools and conduct necessary investigations to uncover vulnerabilities.

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