Applecycyist’s Apple Watch Calls for Help After an After-And-Run Crash

The Apple Watch seems to have more than one way to save lives. We’ve heard stories of the smartwatch’s built-in heart rate monitor and ECG monitor warning the person having problems, allowing them to seek medical help before it’s too late, but not only the Apple Watch can to do.

It seems that only recently in Singapore, the Apple Watch rider was able to help after an accident. The cyclist collided with the van and fell off his bike where it lost light. However, apparently while he lost consciousness, his Apple Watch didn’t.

It was noted that he had a severe fall and since he did not respond immediately, a message was sent to the emergency communications driver, while also being called for a hospitalization.

According to the motorcyclist’s family, they expressed their deep gratitude to the clock section because at the time of the accident, the roads were still empty and there may have been an unknown chance. someone else would have trouble unless it was too. old This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about getting a life -saving skin, and we think we’ll hear more of these stories in the future.

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