Charli XCX talks about a new collection of Pandora music and jewelry

The real pop star is a master of rediscovery. Being able to ride the waves of hyper-trends and changing cultural moods requires intense self-confidence. Charli XCX is a connoisseur of pop in this way, always in tune with himself and does the unexpected, as she says: “The game of contrast is much more interesting to me than doing what people expect of me, or one and the same. also something over and over again. “Staying light on your toes and unique Charlie is what sets her apart, and that’s what comes in her editorial for the relaunch of Pandora ME.


Pandora ‘The ME ME collection protects personal freedom and choice, with endless possibilities and combinations for creating unique jewelry You,, through and through. Bracelets and necklaces with chains can be easily layered, and charming charms emphasize almost any look. Custom engraved links are also available for optimal mood. The collection is rooted in the simplicity and adaptability to the mood and unique personality of the wearer. Charlie’s laser focus on creating the best pop music possible makes her a true individual that Pandora honors and elevates in collaboration. This unique synergy between Charli XCX and Pandora ends with the new excerpt from the song “SWEAT” and the accompanying visual for the campaign, featuring the other artists who make up Pandora’s latest band. When she starts playing new music after the quarantine recording she recorded how do i feel now, Charli XCX caught up with to talk about all things jewelry, pop music and what the future holds.

You always look like layering jewelry when you perform on stage. Do you do the same thing when you’re just chilling at home?

A kind of. I’m really a fan of layering jewelry and will always wear a few necklaces: maybe five, maybe two. I’m more maximalist with it and I think that’s why I really like the Pandora ME collection, because there are a lot of possibilities for how you can wear the jewelry: you can layer them and it looks very good together. You can customize it, there’s a piece I really like … and you can add charms or remove them. I can go from everyday to show and personalize the jewelry according to my mood, which I really like in the collection.

charli xcx pandora

Courtesy of Pandora

You recently started working with stylist Chris Horan. How do you create images with it? Is there a new style direction you plan to go?

Chris and I just clicked right away. I think he was a fan of my music and I was a fan of his work, so it was just a match made in heaven. I wanted to study something a little higher. I’m a confused girl; I like to party, go out and have fun. Sometimes I have to restrain him a bit with my style, because he may be a little hurried, but it’s just who I am and I like that. Chris can enhance this part of me and also show me more elegant things that I love. But essentially the reason I think we work well together is that he understands that I am an individual and have my own atmosphere. It doesn’t treat me like a cookie form for someone to dress in, and that’s really important for who I am – self-expression and individuality. This covers all the things I do, whether it’s my music, my partnership with Pandora or my relationship with my friends. It’s all about being true to yourself and unique and individual.

Yours music video for “The Good” is an indicator of a new era. How did you come up with it?

I guess I just wanted to completely transform into the most popular version of who I am, which is very much inside me. I also have this desire to always do completely contrasting things. The previous album, how do i feel now, it was a much more lo-fi-way the way I managed to get through the quarantine with fans, connect with them and be very open … it’s the complete polar opposite of my new music and how I feel about it . [The music has] much has been done behind closed doors; it’s the opposite of the do-it-yourself feeling how do i feel now, and I think it’s just because I love drastic jumps. Playing in contrast is much more interesting to me than doing what people expect of me, or the same thing over and over again. In the video itself, I’m just fascinated by the funerals and I always thought that a funeral video would be really right. Also for me at this point I feel a little dead inside, so I think a funeral offers the perfect setting. I feel dead inside, but alive. This is a combination of the two. I also wanted to work with Hannah Lux Davis because I knew she would bring the pop demon inside me. It was a coincidence made in heaven or hell, I guess. Everything clicked and I felt more than ever on the set of this music video, so I liked it.

collaboration charli xcx pandora

Courtesy of Pandora

Now that you are declared hyper pop is dead, where do you see pop music going in the next five years?

I think pop music is constantly evolving and growing and becoming more and more sparse, in a good way, through the inclusion of other genres and the influence of other genres. So it’s really hard to say. Pop music, in my opinion, has always been driven by personality, so I think that the personality of artists will really determine the direction in which pop music moves. I think more than ever, personality is key to creating brilliant artistry. It’s always been that way, but I think now more than ever, musicians are brands, which is amazing to me because I just want to shop. The future of a priest depends only on who does it, what they have to say and what they want to use. But the sound can go anywhere, which is extremely exciting. I think after the pandemic, everyone craves dancing anthems. I hope I can provide you with a few of them.

“Good” is already in heavy rotation among my friends. Is there anyone you haven’t worked with anymore who you’d like to reunite with?

I think Pink Pantheress and I would make a really good song together. I think she is a really smart and interesting artist. I think her music is really, really good. Even if we don’t collaborate, I’m a fan and I really like what she does, so I’m excited to see what happens next.

charli xcx pandora

Courtesy of Pandora

What’s next for you?

The first is the launch of the Pandora ME campaign, which will come with a song I made for the campaign. This will be another small piece of music. And then the music, I guess … it’s just high-octane pop; that’s all you want from the best pop star ever – that’s how I see it. How I would describe the sound or the future is: dangerous, unstable, sexy, empowering.

Partnering with Pandora is something a real pop star would do.

Oh yeah. Pandora is pop, 100 percent.

This is a lot of “pop” jewelry, isn’t it?

Yes. And they are not afraid to be what they really are, which is the most important thing.

This interview has been slightly edited and shortened for clarity.

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