Do Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd meet?

Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd’s last dinner together this week revived the months-long Internet theory that the two could be romantically connected. Until yesterday, no source had explicitly clarified the nature of their relationship, but now a number of sources have provided details. Well!. These sources pointed out that this is really just a deep friendship and working relationship, sorry for all who hope for more.

“They don’t meet,” an insider told E! “They have common interests and are happy to gather their ideas to see what they can come up with. Recently, they talked about partnering on several humanitarian projects together. He likes to talk about movies and art. “

Yes, Jolie and The Weeknd “enjoy each other’s company [but] they do not occur, “the source continued. “He was happy to meet her and felt they had a close relationship.”

A second source told E !, saying the two met a few months ago: “The Weeknd and Angelina met through mutual friends in the film and entertainment industry,” the source said. “They have a lot in common. They did well after their first meeting earlier this summer and have been in touch ever since. “

Jolie and The Weeknd were first seen together In the end of June. Last Saturday night, Jolie and The Weeknd were filmed leaving Giorgio Baldi together in Santa Monica. The Daily Mail released photos of Jolie and The Weeknd next to each other and reported that Jolie and The Weeknd had taken his jeep to his home in Bel Air after dinner. They dined at Giorgio Baldi’s private room for two and a half hours before leaving.

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