Do you and your partner have a song?

Dancing in Paris

You know how to do things at the beginning of a relationship for the person you like (ia love) even if you don’t want to? I was there with my partner, Steven, two years ago. We only had a couple of weeks of contact and since Steven Talking Heads is a fan, we decided to watch the concert movie. Make no sense the date we have at home for the night.

Before, I knew a little about Talking Heads. I met the song “Burnin’ Down the House ”from the movie 13:30 onwards (In one scene, my teenager, Mark Ruffalo, plays at a party). I knew David Byrne was wonderful, but he was a legend, and his acting dance immediately won me over. I mean, look at it!

How did your partner’s song become yours?

Towards the end of the film, he started playing a song I didn’t know. Zen “This Must Be The PlaceAt that moment, Steven held me tight and kissed me in the temple, just as he does when he sees me enjoying or laughing at a funny line in the film. This completely ordinary moment became extraordinary and from then on there was an unspoken consensus that it was our song. Every time I hear it, I remember that night.

American utopia

So when it’s David Byrne’s theatrical show American utopia a few weeks ago when I returned to Broadway, I took two tickets. Since many of our two-year relationships have been in the middle of a pandemic, we are still being the first. Now I knew we were going to hear another one – listening our song sung live, for us. Towards the middle of the show the familiar melody began and we held hands (and forearms!) Holding each other in anticipation.

Finally, we were crying and singing: “I’m coming home, he raised his wings. I think that should be the place … ”

It seems that both will end too soon and last forever. I’m still slowly getting into the Talking Heads discography, but nothing else, I’ll be a lifelong fan because they sing a song that reminds me of my favorite person.

Do you have a song with you and your partner? How did you find it?

PS 15 readers comments on sex, and which song did you choose for the wedding?

(Photo above Paul Almasy, photo below Variety.)

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