Four fun things Jo cup

I’m a rocket for adult stories: Ladybug, I never have ever, Eighth grade, Cuties. Nov. 26, by Paul Thomas Anderson Licorice Pizza hits in theaters – in 1973 he fell in love in a California neighborhood about a teenage actor. Here trailer, which looks wonderful.

Nünchi jelly cakes

How fresh are these jelly cakes? Lexie Park was a self-taught chef Nünchi In Los Angeles, a hand-made bakery that sells fruit cheesecakes.

couple reading books

Do you ever (often? Always?) Walk around the same room as your loved one while you are doing different things? He appeared in the New York Times compelling article this type of “parallel play” that is common among children can also deepen adult relationships. For example: “Sierra Reed, a creative and social strategist in Brooklyn, said that her friends can be painful and can do ‘nothing’. For example, a friend can work while she cooks. he said it makes him feel closer to his friends, not further away. “

Photographer and longtime CoJ Assistant Julia Robbs has just launched it printing press. “During my forties, I had so much time and I needed something creative,” he told me. “So I started taking pictures with flowers.” It now sells 13 beautiful prints, among them this playful margarita.

PS Cooler things, and a fun video about little ones.

(Couple reading a photo of Mosuno / Stocksy.)

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