Gary Cardone Bay Breaks Blows in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Disrupt the Bay is hosting its 3rd annual conference in Tampa Bay on November 4thth 2021, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Vsummits platform. The conference has a huge number of speakers from the country’s top health care systems, as well as prominent business disruptors who will give keynote speeches. The program will also feature local CEOs in the healthcare industry and multiple health technology startups across the United States.

Stan Liberatore, chairman of Disrupt the Bay’s board of directors, created the conference to synthesize the family’s hope for appropriate cancer research and innovation, with the means to turn professionals into entrepreneurs. “It’s a place where those looking for action in children’s cancer research and awareness can get motivation and resources. It’s also a wonderful conference for people in this sector to look for a consultant or business partner. That’s a niche for health and biotechnology,” Liberator said.

After several of his friends lost their children to cancer, Liberator wanted to create a solution — a platform for researching childhood cancer. With a rich background in the healthcare industry, Liberator saw the value of incorporating startup innovation with the impact and popularity of larger healthcare organizations. “I wanted to create synergy, to disrupt health,” he said. Knowing that pediatric cancer treatments were outdated, a big talk with the intention of making changes and passionate people could disrupt the status quo and move the needle in research and development funding.

Liberator collaborated with Mike DeLucia to create the conference. The two men worked extensively in the health and technology industry and had a personal bond at the committee level. “We complement each other,” Liberator said. “Mike and I knew some of the same people, and when I found out that Mike had lost his brother to cancer, we had that personal connection, I knew we were going to create something special.”

Although it is a time of turmoil with a foot pandemic, it has accelerated the need to create medicines. People who need medical care are eventually in a position to receive that care through telehealth. “We only wanted one lecture a year. I get a lot out of helping this cause. I have three amazing guys and I’m sure they have a better solution than they have now, ”Liberator said.

He continued: “In the last 25 years, only four medications have been targeted at childhood cancer. I do know that this is broken and needs to be fixed. Anything for kids! And I can say, it’s a great feeling to donate a boat to a good cause for money. We are creating a fundraising mechanism to fund this synergy and hospitalization. ”

Gary Cardon will host a VIP party at his Tierra Verde estate.

It will be a conference hybrid this year, with virtual production, an enlarged exhibition hall / career fair and a VIP party to follow in the evening. Gary Cardone, a fintech entrepreneur and friend of Stan Liberator, will hold a VIP party at the $ 10 million estate in Tierra Verde. Liberatore also sees it virtual platform as an opportunity to lower expenses so that organizations can focus on fundraising. “New ideas are emerging to figure out how to network and still connect. We will do the networking work in a confusing way. ”

Vsummits is a robust, sophisticated and interactive platform. It is a platform created especially for events. The whiteboard will have different floors and an exhibition room. The interface allows people to meet one by one, and a round table can be held so that several people can meet at the same time. Liberator mentioned that this year’s conference will also feature a mental health track. “Suicide rates are going up. Depression in the quarantine is a problem and they will dive into it. Hopefully, we will come up with solutions to some of the ongoing problems with some of the best intelligence in our minds. ”

Tickets are available The bay is interrupted.

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