Gruvi raises $ 2 million in seed financing to supply non-alcoholic beer and wine

Created by Denver-based Gruvi $ 2 million to continue to offer a line of non-alcoholic beers and wine in seed financing.

The funding round was led by Rockies Venture Club through Maple Leaf Angels, Head and Heart Capital and other investors through BDC Capital. Investor angels like Phil Donne, former Canadian CEO Campbell Soup and Kellogg; Rita Valois, former CIO of Treasury Wine Estates; and Jim Spatz, president of Southwest Properties, also attended. Phil Donne, who will take on the role of advisor, said about the shift:

“I am happy to be part of the Gruvi team and to be a supporter in living their mission. Gruvi’s excellent and delicious range of products has sparked people’s attention in social environments to attract the attention of people who want to re-imagine how they drink. It’s exciting to be a part of that goal and community. “

Gruvi was founded in 2019 to offer consumers a non-alcoholic alternative to beer and wine without sacrificing flavor and variety. Its product line includes a wide range of beer styles from Lager to Stout, as well as 3 different types of wine. The products launched by the startup have grown by more than 400% in the last year, with sales in more than 1.5 thousand locations in the US, Canada and Australia.

The startup seeks to make the beer tasting experience healthier by eliminating alcohol, reducing the calorie intake they replace. healthier for the consumer. To prove that the taste has no effect, the startup unveiled its first non-alcoholic tasting room in Denver this year, offering customers non-alcoholic cocktails.

Not only does it involve beer or wine, but also how non-alcoholic alternatives are consumed beyond the limits, Gruvi wants to become a major player in the industry. When the consumption of beer, wine and cocktails is becoming more about taste and social environment instead of the effects of alcohol, the startup has found itself in a corner of unmet demand.

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