iOS 15 Messages Bug Remove Image Recovery

If you use Apple Messages as your primary messenger, then you will want to note a bug that appeared in iOS 15. Because this bug appears to cause photos saved from Messages to be deleted, it is while the good news depends on your usage habits, it may not hurt you.

According to a report from MacRumors, the way this error occurs is when you save an image from a Conversation Message to your Roller camera. You should then check to see if the image was saved. After that, you will need to delete the Conversation Message from which the image came.

In the meantime, the photo should still be in your Camera Roll, but once you do an iCloud Backup, the photo will disappear. Since iCloud Backup is something that can be used by many iOS users, it may affect users who often turn off conversations all the time.

We’re not sure if it’s included in the images that were saved after installing iOS 15 or if all the images that were part of the discussion are affected.

However, as we said, unless you’re the type who usually shuts down routers, there’s a chance this is a symptom that may not hurt you. Either way, it’s something Apple still needs to discuss, but reports say the issue is still there in the recent iOS 15.1 beta, so it may be a while before we see a favor for him.

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