iPhone 13 Pro Max Can Be Paid Faster Than iPhone 12 Pro Max

When Apple stopped tying the charger with the iPhone 12, they announced that if consumers wanted a faster charger, they would need to shell out $ 25 for the 20W charger. This allows the iPhone 12 users to hit faster speeds compared to the parent battery chargers from previous iPhone models.

However, it looks like the iPhone 13 Pro Max could hit faster speeds than its predecessor, though Apple didn’t mention this at the time of the show. In a video streamed to ChargerLab, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is being tested with a wide variety of other power options.

Based on the numbers we’ve seen, it looks like the iPhone 13 Pro Max when paired with about a 30W charger can reach a charger of up to 27W. However, the picture shows that the speed is variable so it doesn’t have a 27W constant, but it seems to be much faster than the iPhone 12 Pro Max which is powered by the 22W even when paired with a 30W charger.

The video also shows the phone paired with other more powerful motors, up to 100W, but it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference beyond the 30W. So if fast charging is a priority for you, then maybe investing in a good 30W or more charger might be a good idea.

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