Launch a sturdy small Toba bag with a Paravel bag

Given how much waste can come out of the travel industry (and from the production of travel bags in general), Paravel is a revelation. The environmentally conscious brand started with a high quality collection suitcases made from recycled plastics and other materials. It then branches into softer bags such as vacationers, pants and bags and a few internal organizers. And now Paravel is presenting its latest release. The A small boar toilet is a charming version with the size of the bag of the best-selling brand Cabana Tote. (It should be noted that the original Cabana Tote is a reliable online travel bag: over 10,000 have been sold so far; there are 2,500 people on the waiting list; it has sold out an incredible seven times. Customers currently rank it solidly five out of five stars.)

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