Nintendo Switch Developers Say They Are Using 4K Dev Kits

When Nintendo announced their new Switch, it wasn’t 4K wild beasts expected many. Most of the introduction is YOU ARE curtains, but other than that they more or less remained in place as in the first model. While some praised the inclusion of OLED, there were some who hoped that Nintendo would introduce a better upgrade.

However, it seems that despite the improvements, Nintendo could have more plans for the future of consoles. This is according to the report Bloomberg which cites a number of developers from at least 11 classrooms who say they have worked on games on the 4K Nintendo Switch dev kit.

For those unfamiliar, the dev kit is a great standard testing tool for developers to build and test their games on to make sure it works first before its release. Sometimes, especially for large rooms, they may be sent pre -packaged boxes so they can prepare games in time for the launch of a console.

The fact that these developers are working on the 4K dev kit has led to the suspicion that the 4K Switch is still on paper. However, Nintendo told Bloomberg their information was “incorrect” but declined to elaborate further.

That said, with 4K becoming more or less the standard model these days, we think it’s really just a matter of when rather than a matter of when the 4K transition will arrive. , but the exact moment is someone’s guess.

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