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Here’s the thing: I’m a bag man, from time to time. My husband told me that I prefer to eat cereal all the time to buy another bag. as if it were a bad thing.

I carried cheap bags and really expensive bags and you can always, always say when you touch / feel / smell, which costs more. In my eyes, the bags are practical investment opportunity: The location and length of the handle, the width of the opening and the situation of the outer pocket matter. Better construction, design and material increase the price – and make a difference in the final product.

There is no denying that there is a status or cache that also comes with certain silhouettes and that is something that matters to me. As a person who grew up in the middle class away from the big city and dreamed of a shiny job, moving a particular bag on my elbow and entering an office or a meeting or a party, it meant achievement and arrival in some way, because I can.

They are also something that others notice. A piece of jewelry or a watch can fly under the radar, but the bag is in the front and in the center. Colleagues who know, notice. I was the man who surely had some iconic silhouette from a hereditary house full of my things. And that’s exactly why my recent love with Pollen, a label directly to the user, founded in 2016 by a trio of siblings, was worthy of comment. The bag should be good to win a place in my lineup. This is rubbing the elbows (or corners) with some heavy blows, and there are cases when the tide does not lift all the boats, but sinks everything with uneven work with the body. My wardrobe is one such case.

Each Polène style is numbered (number six, number seven, number eight, etc.) and elegantly simple, free from the hustle and bustle and bells and whistles with which the new labels can flirt in an attempt to distract from the pillars of the industry. The sleek design isn’t meant to be conveyed as something it isn’t – it’s not, I repeat, no fraud or imitation of anything – but it is an aesthetic passport that allows him to fit in Hermès, Chanels, Loewes.

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Like all his styles, number nine – Numéro Neuf in a much more dreamy French sound – is handmade in Spain with Polène’s distinctive leather draping style, inspired by couturier Madame Gres and therefore has a flexible, soft look that always it still has a shape: It’s not a bag you put on the table just to see it go down or gape when it’s too empty. The leather itself is whole grain and has the rich feel and smell I expect from expensive bags (but don’t rely on lower priced versions).

The timeless atmosphere and the shape you won’t get sick of are two elements that make me consider my next Pollen (this is the wonderful basic Umi, if you’re curious). Bag lovers and bargain hunters should consider saying “oui” to the Paris label. Whether you start your collection of bags or just add to the ranks, it is worthy.

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