See our sustainable 2021 shopping list.

All these considerations did not go out of our minds when we start our autumn shopping, which is why we partnered with TENCEL ™ – a brand that seeks to set a new standard of sustainability with responsibly produced fibers that look and feel gentle on your skin — to bring you the best checklist without the harm done to the planet. Didn’t you know you needed a geometric print for this puzzling off-season? (Fun fact: TENCEL ™ fibers support the body’s natural thermoregulatory mechanism to keep you warm and dry during the transition.) Or a combination of a stripe with a beach umbrella to keep the spirit alive in the summer and fall? Our editorial office has everything. (Here, too, we should mention that almost everything rings below $ 150.) Next, see 10 pieces that you can add to your wardrobe now and continue wearing much, much later.

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