Siri seems to have gotten lost in some of her commands to use

One of the things Apple prides itself on is ease of access, where the company often uses ways to make their products easier to use by people with disabilities. However, for some unusual reasons, Apple seems to have removed some of them from Siri, its digital assistant.

According to various reports from users and posts made on the AppleVis forums (a conference for Apple users who are blind or low vision), the release of iOS 15 has removed some simple commands from Siri.

Includes the ability to ask Siri if a user has any emails, to play text messages, check call history, check recent calls, ask who called me, send an email, and send an email to a specific contact. It’s different Apple will remove these rules since they seem to be useful and important.

It’s not clear if Apple has ever labeled the rules, it’s still a bit difficult for users, if that’s a bad thing. Chance of the latter because a user from the conference call said he talked to Apple support and told Apple he understands the issue, so hopefully it will be discussed soon when we see that for some users, the most basic keys to their needs are that they use them every day.

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