The US Air Force will identify and destroy AI targets

The U.S. Air Force recently hinted at an event that uses artificial intelligence to help identify a target or set of targets in a “live operational chain of assassinations.” The remarks were made by Frank Kendall of the Air Force Association Air, space and cyber conference at the National Harbor, Maryland, on September 20, 2021.

No information was provided for the nature of the exercise, for example, whether it was a drone or a manned aircraft. It was not mentioned whether this was just a demonstration of a concept or a live operation leading to actual victims or not.

In case you don’t know, “kills a chain“is a military concept that refers to the structure of the attack. It consists of acquiring a target, deploying forces, targeting, killing decisions, and finally destroying the target or targets. Similarly, the opposite is also an existing army concept in which the defensive forces do everything in their power to prevent the enemy from doing so.

This compelling comment was used as an example of why investing in such innovations would be very valuable to many armed forces.

According to conference reports, Kendall said the office of the Air Force’s chief architect “for the first time uses artificial intelligence algorithms in a live operational chain to kill.” This system was part of the multi-site of the Air Force Distributed common earth system and an airborne operations center “for automatic target recognition”.

Not only is this interesting, but the use of AI in this way quickly shifts from theoretical to practical – potentially into real kinetic warfare.

No specific details were provided, but the broad purpose of this system is to “Significantly reduce the time-consuming tasks of manually identifying targets — shortening the killing chain and speeding up decision-making speed,” Kendall said.

Another BBC spokesman, Jacob N. Bailey, told Air Force Magazine that “these AI algorithms have been used in operational intelligence tools, which means integrated into the operational line for the production of real-time operational information to help intelligence missions in the mission to provide more timely intelligence. The algorithms are available in everyone [DCGS site] and through [DCGS] to everyone [air operations center] when necessary so that they are not limited to a specific place. “

In addition, the Department of Defense has previously recognized the additional need to gather intelligence and remotely — in addition to setting targets at risk — in pursuing its “over the horizon” strategy. monitoring of Afghanistan for terrorist activities.

According to Kendall, the evacuation from Kabul relies heavily on “continuous observation from space and air.”

In July, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III stated that there was a DOD increase the number of your AI efforts compared to the previous year. The department precedes this acceleration by taking five “Ethical principles” to develop and use AI.

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