Top 15 Foot Makeup Products of 2021

I love the look of sun kissed skin, but I don’t like sun damage, so I always have at least one self-tanner on hand. The right ones will even out my skin tone and enhance my glow, so I don’t mind using them all year round, whether it’s in the middle of winter when my skin hasn’t seen sunlight in months or in the summer when it can or can’t develop a natural complexion (do not worry – always wear sunscreen!).

Sometimes, however, I just want something extra on my feet, especially in the summer, when I throw away all my jeans and long dresses for shorts, skirts or just swimsuit bottoms. Then I turn to foot makeup. Yes, foot makeup. Did you know this is something? This is and I think it is underestimated because it makes my legs look restrained in the air. Keep scrolling to see the 15 best foot makeup products to try this summer.

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