3 Ways to Copy & Paste Texts from Android to PC or Vice Versa

You can adjust between different devices throughout the day, including desktops or laptops, tablets, and smartphones. While Apple has a comprehensive database to copy and paste data between Apple devices, Android doesn’t offer another native cross-copy backup solution for Windows. However, you can still connect and share texts between your Android phone and Windows computer using simple tools. Here are some easy ways to copy and paste texts from Android to PC or PC to Android.

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Copy and Paste Texts from Android to PC or PC to Android

1. Used Your Phone Software (Samsung Phones)

Microsoft’s Your Phone app allows you to communicate and transfer information between your phone and PC. Using it, you can go and make calls from your PC, receive and manage mobile calls, and use photos on your Android phone.

Interestingly, click copy decryption is offered for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Here it is list of supported devices. If you have a recent Samsung Fold, S, Note, or A-series phone, follow the steps below.

  1. Install and set up your Phone software on PC and your Samsung phone if not already.
  2. Unlock your mobile phone on Windows.
  3. Click above Status and choose Features.
  4. Save the sequence for Cross-machine Copy and Paste.
  5. On your Samsung phone network, select the text you want to transfer to your PC.
  6. Now, click on it Coffee.
  7. On your Windows PC, right-click and hit Attach or print CTRL + V to install the text copied on the phone.

Your Windows Phone Your Shared Phone for Android

2. Copy installed copies from Android to Windows or vice Versa via ClipSync

ClipSync is a free and clean software that allows you to copy and paste text from phone to PC or phone to PC with ease. All you need is your phone and your PC to be connected on the same Wifi network.

  1. Download and install ClipSync Desktop Server on your PC (link below).
  2. Then, install the ClipSync app on your Android device.
  3. Open the desktop server and allow it to run.Copy and Paste Texts from Android to PC or PC to Android
  4. Now, open the mobile app and click on it Connect to New Server.
  5. Click your PC name when it appears.
  6. ClipSync will now connect to your Windows.

Once ClipSync is set up, it will run background services on all of your devices to keep your clipboard updated automatically.

Steps to copy text from Android to Windows

Long print any text on your Android device and select Coffee. Upload text anywhere on your PC, right -click and click Attach or print CTRL + V.

Steps to copy text from Windows to Android

Copy any text from your PC by selecting and clicking Coffee by right -clicking list or pressing CTRL + C. Now, long-press any right field on your Android phone, and select Attach.

If ClipSync is not working correctly, make sure your phone and PC are on the same Wifi connection and the program is allowed to run in the background.

ClipSync Desktop Server ClipSync for Android

3. Copy and paste text between Windows and Android Users Alt-C

Alt-C is a similar application that allows the movement of text on the device. It has a little more looks and is a tad more reliable. Below is how you can use it.

  1. Install desktop and Android apps on Alt-C using the links provided below.
  2. Open the program on your phone and PC.
  3. Give your device a name and enter the number displayed on the phone on your computer.Copy and Paste Texts from Android to PC or PC to Android
  4. Click above Book PC connected.
  5. Once the devices are connected, follow the steps below.

Steps to copy text from phone to PC

Copy and Paste Texts from Android to PC or PC to Android

  1. Select a few notes on your phone and copy them on the board.
  2. Now, press Alt + V install the script on your PC.
  3. The text will be pulled from your phone’s blackboard.

Steps to copy text from PC to phone

Copy and paste text from PC to phone

  1. Select text on your PC.
  2. Newspaper Alt + C on your piano
  3. Doing so will push the text to the phone.

Whenever you push or pull text, you’ll see a drop notification on your phone and PC. Also, disabled hotkeys can be changed based on your preference in the desktop application.

Both devices store a consistent list of duplicate copies. And so, you can bring copy articles whenever you want, up to a maximum of 50 records.

Alt-C for Windows Alt-C for Android

Bonuses- Awarded by OnePlus

Clipt is a new app by OneLabs team at OnePlus. The software offers a desktop cloud, allowing you to send text, photos, and files between your phones, tablets and laptops. It is available as an Android app in the Play Store with Chrome add -on for Windows and Mac.

Copy and Paste Text from Phone to Windows PC

All you have to do is install the app and expand and connect all the devices. You can then copy over one device and paste on another or send files back and forth between your devices. You can also search the recent history of your share board.

Signs for Android Clipt Chrome Extensions

Wrap it up

Here are three easy ways to copy and paste texts between Android and Windows PC. If you have a Samsung smartphone, it’s best to use the cross-device copy section of your smartphone. If you have an Android phone, use the other methods above. Listen for more such stories.

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