Christopher John Rodgers and Esteban Cortazar, ballet in New York

Cortázar works with Miller and Colombian-Canadian artist Lido Pimienta, the company’s first color woman to compose original ballet music entitled “sky for detention“Based on the themes of freedom and vitality, Pimienta injects rhythms from Colombia’s indigenous and afro-hereditary communities such as Valento and Cumbia, while Miller, who comes from the contemporary dance world, choreographs his first point ballet while challenging ballerinas to perform distortions beyond this world, which violates the traditional positions of classical ballet. For this purpose, Cortazar makes costumes that feel organic and light: “I didn’t want to costume them,” Cortazar said. “It’s a wonderful story that is growing little by little and has peaks and crescents and a lot of excitement. “Each part of the piece is marked with a different color, exposed through lighting, scenery and, of course, costumes. To convey the emotions in each section, the designer created delicate, flowing dresses and bodysuits in ombre blends of orange, blue, and yellow. rising in the air as the dancers jumped and turned, a section that focused on the human connection to each other contrasts with the yellow-orange bodysuits worn by the dancers on stage, with their shadows mixed through a projector into the background, effect , achieved only thanks to the subtlety of Cortazar’s bodysuits.

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