Dakota Johnson wears a black feathered mini dress in New York

Dakota Johnson came out with two polar red carpets yesterday, but for the first time she was a concrete stopper on the show. The actress channeled Black swan in a black mini dress with a faux leather skirt by Saint Laurent. Johnson had his hair down and was fitted with black heels, sunglasses and a mask, of course, against the backdrop of an ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

dress without back in a double saber and faux leather

Saint Laurent

EUR 2,790.00

Later that evening, Johnson dressed in a white silk Rodarte dress for the screening of his new film. The lost daughter:

Dakota Johnson in New York

Robert KamauGetty images

Johnson spoke in February with Golden derby about how weird it is to watch in movies, especially those made years ago.

“It’s so hard for me to be objective and it’s so hard for me to even watch the movies I’m in, and because so many times pass when you make the movie and it comes out, I’m like a completely different person and I have a completely different life.” she said.

“Everything looks like a flashback, and I’m sure I felt very different making the film than I did when I actually started talking about it,” she added.

Johnson said Marie Claire in May 2020, when it comes to choosing acting projects, “I really don’t have a method and I don’t want it. It’s very intuitive and emotional. “She’s all about her roles: ‘When I work, I think about work all the time,’ she said. ‘It takes so much of my brain. to feel good about putting my heart into it. ”

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