Gucci combines fashion and music with the Gucci 100 collection

Gucci marks an epic stage this year: 100 years to be one of the world’s leading fashion labels. Founded in 1921 as a leather goods company specializing in luggage and bags for elite Italian travelers, Gucci underwent countless rediscovery over the years, especially in the 1980s, when it became a brand for musicians, especially American rappers. Duper Dan from Harlem, known for the pirates of Gucci during this decade, driving the street craze for the GG logo and making it synonymous with a noticeably cool street style. Gucci’s unique ability to stay relevant in the forefront of pop culture is written by the great inspired creative director Alessandro Michele about the creation of the Gucci 100 collection, which honors the place of the brand in the cultural spirit.

“The centenary is an opportunity for me to witness the eternal vitality of Gucci, which is being revived year after year; he is renewed, restoring an unusual connection with modernity as a boy, eternally young, watching the world with a powerful vision, “says Michele exclusively for “I recognized the manifestation of her youth in her, intercepting and crossing the popular culture in all its forms for a hundred years. Above all in music: the only medium, apart from fashion, more responsive to the times that mutate and mark the new, the present, the present. “

Joshua Woods

Using the combined power of fashion and music, Michele created the Gucci 100 as a tribute to both creative circles. According to Musixmatch, a music database that has collaborated with the House on this project, Gucci has been mentioned in no less than 22,705 songs since its inception (yes, you read that right). Michele takes advantage of the brand’s rich lyrical history by decorating ready-made clothes, accessories and leather goods with the Gucci 100 logo, as well as three phrases containing “Gucci” from three songs: “Music is Mine Gucci Secked Reclined” from “The R ”(1988) by Eric B. and Rakim,“ This one is dedicated to all of you Gucci bag holders, it’s called You Got Good Taste ”by“ You Got Good Taste ”(1983) by The Cramps, and, my personal favorite, “And men notice you with the crew of Gucci Bag” from “Fuck Me Pumps” by Amy Winehouse (2003).

gucci collection 100

Joshua Woods

Regarding his latest hack, Michele notes: “This is not a revisionist attempt to dig into the past. If nothing else, mine is a “reverse” revisionism of the history of the House, combined again with a piercing note, melody, refrain. Also because if I had to portray Gucci, for me it would be an eternal teenager hanging out in places where music is heard and played. ”

For Michele Gucci, it is a gesture, a moment in time that can be described succinctly in a song or a dress. The campaign video, shot by Joshua Woods, captures this particular energy, as well as the transport power of music and clothing. For the important start, Gucci will open pop-ups around the world, where pieces from the Gucci 100 collection will be available for shopping. Gucci will also present a digital pop-up window in honor of the centenary. Here are another 100 years.

gucci collection 100 alessandro michele

Joshua Woods

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