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What do you have this weekend? Alex and I are trying out a new restaurant for ourselves Corner Delhi Saturday night, and I keep their beautiful menu online. (Have you ever mapped your order a few days before?) Hope you have a good one, and here are some links about the network …

Anton and I saw it this movie and it was TRIPPED.

Television and movies are finally being celebrated by older women. “If you were 45 years old or certainly 50 years old or older, the sections could have been: a dying patient or a terribly confused person.” (New York Times)

I love this podcast interview Amy Poehler’s.

This is # 1 on my fall wish list.

Looking for wet banana bread. Sorry for using the word child.

Beautiful disgusting mold art.

This is the sexiest necklace?

Bravo, little chess players! “I can’t be a basketball player because I’m pretty short. But chess has been amazing to me because I have a brain. “(NYMag)

Aupa, This pencil shop in Tehran.

Legally fresh travel illustrations.

Would you paint a room dark green?? We are thinking.

Also, two comments from the reader:

Claire says why we told our seven-year-old child that love was not real: “My son was a skeptical thinker; he wanted all the answers. For four years, he knew in our family, his father and I were Santa job, Easter bunny, tooth fairy … I thought he got it all, but then one night he was asleep, I asked him, ‘Mom, how does it work, all adults share do they have a rabbit costume or do you each get your own when you become a parent ?? ‘ ”

Danielle says do you and your partner have a song: “My boyfriend and I are having our first serious relationship after two divorces. Four months after the relationship, we were in Nordstrom, holding hands in the elevator, when Ray LaMontagne started playing ‘You Are the Best Thing’ on the speakers. Look awkwardly at each other. we did, and our body language changed.After a strange and tortured silence, she finally threw out, ‘This was my wedding song.’ I looked at her with an open and completely surprised look, and said, ‘THIS WAS MY WEDDING SONG, TOO! !!! ‘ We both immediately started laughing, and now, every time we hear that song, we reach out to each other and say ‘IT’S OUR SONG!’ We say, “In a weird way, it’s all over now.”

(Photo floral jam.)

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