HR Startup Leena AI raises $ 30 million in Series B funding

Leena AI was founded by HR Startup in New York $ 30 million In Series B funding, to expand the AI-powered human resource management platform.

The turn was led by Bessemer Venture Partners, with the participation of other investors such as Greycroft and B Capital Group. This round capital is $ 40 million in total funding for the startup and will help Leena AI meet its innovative products in global demand. Anant Vidur partner of Puri Bessemer Venture said about the partnership:

“We are pleased with Leena AI, the company that is focusing on HR as a way of consumer dialogue and meeting the ongoing needs of the modern workforce. constantly seeing its impact on experience “.

Founded in 2018, Leena AI supports businesses by providing the means to improve the employee experience through an autonomous AI platform for conversation. In particular, the platform will reduce the need for Human Resources staff to perform a variety of tasks, such as answering policy-related questions, managing knowledge, creating employee documentation, and managing employee cards. Adit Jain, founder and CEO of Leena AI, worked on the startup’s mission by stating:

We want to be a “Siri for Employees” and help employees deliver resolutions to their requests faster. Legal support services are not easy to use, difficult to deploy, and lack intelligence. Leena AI Employee Experience Suite understands the company’s Human Resource Support cards well to solve a very difficult problem in the most important companies in the world. This investment will help us increase the experience of the company’s employees through AI-based conversations and perspectives. ”

Some of the most important companies currently using the Leena AI platform are Nestle, Puma, P&G, Coca-Cola, Lafarge Holcim and Abbott. There are about 3 million employees in 60 countries that use Leena AI. The start-up growth rate of this startup has been a major milestone with 300% of the year in tears.

As AI is gaining more importance in the areas of customer service, it was only a matter of time before the technology was applied to other departments. Use of platforms such as the website HR launchers are confident that it will reduce the workload of Human Resource teams to focus on senders who need truly distributed care.

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