IOS 15’s Adoption Rate Is Up Behind iOS 14

It’s been a little over a week since Apple released iOS 15. However, it seems that the excitement for the update may be less than its predecessor because according to number and Mixpanel, adoption of iOS 15 is significantly lower than iOS 14 at the same time.

According to statistics, iOS 15 has been installed on 19.3% of devices so far, but when you look at iOS 14, it was able to hit 30% in the same period. It suggests that people aren’t too excited about the changes Apple is bringing to iOS 15 and aren’t in a hurry to update their devices.

There may be several reasons for that. It can include of various bugs getting early healing can keep people back. There is also the issue of security risks still exist in iOS 15 although Apple warns ahead of time, and last but not least, iOS 15 Apple’s controversial CSAM argument should have been publicized.

While plans for implementing CSAM have been put on hold, there’s no sign that Apple will drop it, which means that’s another reason users are holding back. We think iOS 15 adoption numbers will eventually emerge, but for now, many users seem to be holding back.

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