Kelley Anderson, founder of Art Botanica, talks to Moss about creating art

Kelley Anderson, creator and artist behind it Art Botanica, creates his artwork with moss. His work has been seen around the world including facilities in Dubai, Australia, Europe and India.

She and her boyfriend Gavin Brodin, known for their luxury interior design company Brodin Design Build, Collaborated on the launch of Beauty and the Brit. It offers stories about art and design, travel, dining, and lifestyle including tips for parents and relationships.

We sent an email to Kelley Anderson about working with moss and other efforts.

What inspired you to work with moss for the first time?

On a trip to Paris, I came across an entire four-story building that was full of colorful plants and I fell in love with it. It was the creation of Patrick Blanc, an artist who specializes in living walls. When I got home I started to create an alternative wall for living, prosperous, dynamic and beautiful, but without care and attention. I found a method of surviving moss using glycerin that kept it smooth and alive for years and years, and I began to organize it to create “living” moss walls that were not yet alive but seemed very much alive.

Some of your projects, for example 75 square meter wall Bellows, are quite large. Is your moss sustainable? Where does one get so much moss? What is the process?

I always get my moss from U.S. moss farms, located in Kentucky and Florida. Today they make farm moss! The preservation process involves soaking the moss in a glycerin bath. The leaves of the moss take up glycerin and move the water, essentially keeping the freshness of the moss indefinitely.

You and your boyfriend, Gavin Brodin, they call it a lifestyle site Beauty and the Brit. I think you are beautiful and British, but please let us know about the site. What can readers expect?

Hahahaha, even if people sometimes say that Gavin is beautiful too. Beauty and The Brit is a blog about our unique lives. We all have journeys that take us along the way until we join you. My person has walked a windward path like mine. So sharing our relationship and life with the world has been important in inviting people into the life we ​​have created. We have a beautiful family mix with 3 boys, 3 dogs, 3 cats and lots of character. We are both entrepreneurs and share a passion for nature and travel. We are inspired by customs, people, and lifestyles around the world, and after meeting each other in life, we hope that designing others can take away the life we ​​deserved. In this blog you will find information about all the hidden gems found in our travels, great recipes we recreate from our favorite restaurants (we are passionate about food), moving stories with our family and instructions on how to create your own sorbet. own “design life” through care and other daily practices.

What do you think of NFTs as a trend in the art world? Does your art seem to be against an NFT or do you see a way to create digital art that matches your work?

I am very interested in the development and dissemination of NFT in the digital space. Although my work is very different from digital art, because you can touch, feel (speak of energy) and smell (connect people to nature), I think about how we continue to create the connection between people and the connection between people and nature. , I think is essential. Maybe there’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature in a superrealistic experience or create other ways to simulate that connection in a very natural and natural way? That would be my hope.

Do you have any consultants for other artists who want to be entrepreneurs and turn their art into a full-time business?

Follow your heart and do what makes you feel good, follow your inspiration. I am a true believer in power or your intentions, and I use your heart-driven intuition to find your way. Anything is possible, and if you love to create, there is a place for your creations in this world. When you are open, opportunities for growth and expansion, on a personal and business level, will be presented. You have to believe in yourself 100%.

Do you want our readers to know about you or your company?

My business is an extension of my statement, so it’s always changing and expanding. I let go and try new things, including design and construction Burning Man art installation at Fraktel 2019, and the creation of a so-called monumental (aka large) sculpture business Alexander Nicole with my boyfriend, Gavin Brodin.

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