New COVID-19 pill reportedly halves hospitalizations and deaths

The rupture of a pill can help fight the coronavirus.

New pill has been a great success in reducing the worst and potentially lasting effects of COVID-19 infection, according to Friday press release from the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co.

Regulatory approval is required for Merck to make its pill available to the general public, but if the peer review goes well, it could change the fight to curb the virus, to preserve it.

Merck is seeking emergency approval for a new COVID-19 pill

The company claims that the five-day course of the drug, called molnupiravir, has successfully halved hospitalizations against coronavirus, along with deaths from subsequent illness. And in a press release, Merck said he aims to work with health officials in the United States and abroad to speed up the emergency resolution of the pill. If the new pill is approved for emergency use, it will become the first orally administered drug to treat COVID-19, which would be a significant step forward in eradicating the pandemic. At the time of writing, all approved therapies for the virus in the United States are administered by IV or injection. Merck, along with partner company Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, claims that initial results suggest that patients who received molnupiravir no more than five days after noticing symptoms of COVID-19 noticed a 50 percent reduction in hospitalization and death rates. .

This increase was confirmed in another group of patients given placebo, and the study included 775 adults with mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 who were previous health conditions which makes them more susceptible to the virus, such as obesity, heart disease or diabetes. None of the participants were vaccinated. And among those who took molnupiravir, 7.3% were hospitalized or died after 30 days, which is approximately half of the 14.1% who received placebo.

Merck’s new COVID-19 pill may also be effective against other viruses

No one died in the drug group after the first 30 days – a big difference from the eight subsequent deaths in the placebo group, Merck said in a statement. “Safe, affordable and effective oral antivirus will be a huge step forward in the fight against COVID,” said Professor Peter Horby of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of Oxford, UK, according to a Reuters report.

Although these results are extremely promising, they have not yet passed peer review. Merck also aims to give a presentation of its findings during an upcoming medical meeting. An independent group of medical staff who monitored the process actually suggested that the process be stopped earlier because the results were so promising. The company’s executives claim that they are already discussing with the Food and Drug Administration and will apply for the medicine. emergency use permit immediately. Marketing materials will also be distributed to various regulatory agencies around the world. Merck ‘s new pill works from interferes with a specific enzyme that the COVID-19 virus uses to copy its genetic code and thus reproduces in the human body. More specifically, this pill has also had similar results against other viruses, which means it could have broader applications than help reduce the global pandemic, which speaks volumes.

It was an evolving story and is regularly updated with the advent of new information.

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