Samsung Galaxy S22 Case Renders Suspiciously With S Pen Composite

Earlier this year with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung finally broke the uniqueness of the S Pen in its Note series. However, the downside is that while the Galaxy S21 supports the S Pen, there is still no safe storage space, which means you need to store it in a bag or your pocket wherever it is. the opportunity he might have lost.

However, that could change in 2022 with the Galaxy S22. This is according to the tweet of Ice Universe who shared the alleged issue for the Galaxy S22 which as you can see according to the cutouts, there will be room for the S Pen, which means the Galaxy S22 can come with a slot combination. for the S Pen’s safety features.

There are rumors that Samsung may merge the Note series with the S-series, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra could actually be renamed the Galaxy Note Ultra, which is worth using the S Pen integrated. But Ice Universe followed suit with a separate tweet saying there was no name change and it was “100%verified”.

Yes, as has happened with all series and news stories, it’s best to take them with a piece of salt so don’t over -read this for now and hopefully we’ll be able to find some clues that about the Galaxy S22 in the future

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