Samsung will now let you unlock and start your drive using a smart phone galaxy

One of the features that Apple has introduced in its iPhone and Apple Watch is that the device can be used as a digital car number key, allowing users to unlock their cars using their smartphone or smartwatch. (assuming you have an example of cars). Now it looks like Samsung has introduced a similar look to its smartphones as well.

The company has announced that once you own a smartphone and a car, you will be able to use the company’s smartphone to unlock and start your car. It includes Samsung’s new devices such as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Galaxy S21 + and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Surprisingly the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is missing from the list.

However, for now the compatible cars are very limited as it will only work with the Genesis GV60, but again, it’s not Samsung’s fault that this is a relatively new technology. We think that the future of this could eventually become the norm. This is possible thanks to the use of NFC and UWB technology built into smartphones.

Also, initially this segment will be limited to Korea which is expected to go abroad by the end of the year.

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