The 29 best coats from 2021 that are so stylish

Autumn is here – even if I don’t feel outside yet – and that means the coat season will officially come. And since I consider myself an expert on jackets and coats, I realized exactly what style I am in this season: pack your coats.

These species Historically, coats were made of thicker fabrics such as wool or cashmere, but modern replicas can also be made of a more fluffy material. There are even versions created by a plush plush material for extra heat.

Whatever production you choose, it all comes down to form. Coats are often less structured in the shoulders, have a looser fit at all times, and includes a belt made of the same material as the rest, which you can simply tie in a knot before exiting the door.

To help you find your new favorite coat, I allowed myself to round off the best coats below.

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