The exclusive code for a 20% discount on Rafinery29 at Princess Polly

According to Kim Zorn – the global executive director at Princess Polly The most popular (and affordable) customer of the Australian fashion label is “Gen Z, driven by trends, understands social media and has a finger on the pulse of the hot.” This is a description that, after further investigation, is absolutely checked here, in the states where the fashion that TikTokkers caught Princess Polly and his treasure trove of Y2K-inspired Instagram-ready clothes. (In particular, think of a bloated style that went viral last summer: The Love Galore Romper.) Excellent 180 of the pandemic tracksuits, usually Princess Polly’s goods under $ 100 are for going out and seeing; there is no shortage of satin tops, tight boots, dressed clothes and oversized blazers to the scarf. Although the brand has been well known in Australia since 2010, now its goal is to become a global sensation; Zorn told Refinery29 that it has a second headquarters in Los Angeles and a distribution center ready to serve the growing US fan base trend with easy online transactions, fast delivery and first-class customer service. To get to know the readers of Refinery29 better, Princess Polly heals us exclusive 20% discount on the entire site (except for gift cards and items for sale) with code REFINERY29, until December 31, 2021.. For a sample of the brand’s best styles and a little more information about its return initiatives and Earth Club, scroll forward.

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