Users can now post reviews for Apple-First Apps

Like most manufacturers, Apple often integrates its own software into its products, either on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. For the most part these programs are useful and simple in that they are good enough to get the job done, but not the best when you need more advanced features.

However, you can now tell Apple how you feel about their first-party apps because it looks like iOS 15, which allows Apple to use their customer reviews for their first-party apps. App reviews aren’t new and are useful to measure the effectiveness of an app, but now it seems like users can leave their reviews for Apple’s own apps.

We’re not sure how Apple plans to treat reviews of its own apps, and whether they’ll take a closer look at the ratings and criticism. Beyond all that, these integrated programs are either what users need or not, some of them have come to the forefront, whether you like them or not, are they are still there unless you choose to remove those.

Maybe this is Apple’s way of showing that they’re looking for more ideas from users going forward to help improve their first-party apps, but either way, when you always need a way to let Apple know if their software is good or bad here. , this is your opportunity.

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