Why space walks are complicated and dangerous

It may seem a lot of fun, but in reality things are much more complicated.

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Anyone who has seen footage from famous space walks I can’t deny that they look absolutely exciting and exciting. Just imagine that you are out in space, floating above the Earth and walking on the International Space Station.

As fun as space travel may seem, they are actually quite dangerous and time consuming. That is why they are so rare.

Astronauts often have to spend hours preparing for these trips. First, they need to put on their pressure suits and breathe oxygen for a few hours to get rid of all the nitrogen in their body.

This allows them to prevent decompression sickness or “twists”, which refers to the event when painful and deadly nitrogen bubbles form in the bloodstream.

What do astronauts do next to prepare for space? What are space walks used for and how are astronauts trained for them? Which missions are most likely to require a space transition? What makes space travel so dangerous and time consuming?

We explore all of these issues in our video and even delve into the science, engineering, and technology behind them space travel. If you are passionate about all things space-related, this is a video you should not miss.

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