Your DNA is probably in a database without your consent

And data leakage is always possible.

Your DNA, a long, thin molecule that contains your unique genetic code, belongs only to you. But it is also most likely in a database somewhere without your knowledge or consent.

Countries around the world collect genetic material from millions of citizens in the name of fighting crime and terrorism. This is crucial because if you are robbed, you would like the government to have some kind of system that can identify the thief. In today’s world, a thief who leaves some of their DNA can easily solve the problem, as law enforcement could look it up in their database to identify them.

However, with the possibility of leaks in surveillance programs, some critics say it goes into unexplored ethical territory, with data collection possible too far. In this video, Derek Mueller of the YouTube channel Veritasium goes into more detail about it and while you may want to skip it if you don’t want to hear the serious crimes discussed, it’s definitely worth watching if you don’t mind.

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