5 classic autumn trends that are becoming increasingly popular

I talked recently the idea of ​​a “classic trend”. Of course, the overall concept is a bit curious, given that trends are often those that are “more current”. But for me, the classic trends are those that are eternal and constantly relevant – they are often reworked and updated over the seasons. And yes, there are a few classics autumn trends which I think are honestly more popular than ever this year.

I’m talking about those basic elements like trench coats, thick knitsand black boots, all of which have been redesigned to solidify the desired status among the fashion crowd. Honestly, I feel like I can’t talk to any of my fellow fellow editors without talking about the need for a flat black lined shoe or oversized knit. I also notice the mentioned tracks all over the IG. Are you interested in checking out the classic next level items in question? Keep scrolling for more, along with visual inspiration and shopping recommendations everywhere.

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