AirPods 3 Will Probably Be Launched By The End Of 2021

Since one of the sellers of the AirPod is its integration with iOS devices such as the iPhone, thanks to fast and easy compatibility, many thought the company had introduced third-gen AirPods to the iPhone app . Obviously that hasn’t happened, which begs the question of when can we now expect the device?

For those in dire need of an upgrade, you might be happy to learn a report from DigiTimes it has been revealed that the company still plans to launch at the beginning of the year.

Apple has reportedly planned another event this month where they hope to launch the MacBook Pros as well as unveil a new update of its M1 chipset, so there’s a reason the company could use the event also introduces the new AirPods 3 real wireless headphones.

Alternatively, the company can also advertise them without theft through the Apple Store, but either way we watch. The AirPods 3 are reported to feature a new design so that they look similar in appearance to the AirPods Pro, with shorter handles, wider panel tops, and more shorter cable charging cases.

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